Château Malromé

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Today the whole area (château and fifty hectares of park and vineyards) has been taken by Mélanie Huynh who is a fashion stylist and collaborator of the biggest French brands with the assistance of DCHL group. The winery project was entrusted to Mr. Charles Estager who is the winemaker of the prestigious appellations like Pomerol.

His expertise is recognized for obtaining high quality products. In this project, they are assisted by the oenologist, Bruno Lacoste, a collaborator of Michel Rolland. The Toulouse-Lautrec Museum and the Conservation of the Heritage is handled by Ms. Colette Paris, trained at the prestigious École du Louvre.

The Château Malromé and its vineyard is one of the oldest wineries that is always active and has the chance to be situated on an exceptional terroir. The impressive list of medals obtained in the previous years demonstrates the excellent qualitative potential of this property. The ambition of the new team is to produce a higher quality Bordeaux wine to be equal to the historic reputation of the Château.